gough & gould

 An East Coast Collaborative Entrepreneur Team

Gough & Gould have been working together for over 25 years. Growing up in Corner Brook, Newfoundland in the early 90's, they have unconditionally supported each other's professional pursuits in individual entrepreneurial ventures.

Now, they've teamed up to help entrepreneurs like you!

Dawn B. Gough, MTech

Dawn has her roots firmly planted in Newfoundland & Labrador and her determination to have a positive impact is evident through her career, education, business endeavours, and community partnerships. 

With a strong technology and innovation background, her goal is to make programs and processes more efficient and effective. 

Dawn’s vision of environmental excellence, change through policy, social responsibility, and sustainability colours her worldview. 

"As a local business expert, I'm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve success through strategic planning and innovative solutions."

Dawn can be contacted by emailing atlanticstartup@gmail.com or by calling/texting (709) 766-1859. She would love to hear about your business idea!

Creating Positive Change Through Innovation!

Sophia C. Gould, MAPC

Sophia is a Creative Entrepreneur who has built a career where technology, art, and communication intersect. 

As a lifelong learner,  she has chosen education and careers centred around discovery and social responsibility. From psychology to music production, recreational to military, each of her passions and professions has been guided by the desire to explore and learn, and to help others explore the world around them. 

Sophia's work in communication has been the epitome of her life’s work. She believes that respectful communication is at the heart of all healthy human relationships, and that it is the key to connecting with others. 

Her professional goal is to collaborate with organizations who put their people first, and invest in building socially and environmentally responsible programs that can change the world.

Sophia can be contacted by emailing atlanticstartup@gmail.com or call/text her at (709) 985-2005 to talk about your business plan!

Creative Ideas is Where she Thrives!

Creative Strategies Excite Us!

Always aiming to bring a tenacious creative energy to our programs, we thrive in team collaborations as we wholeheartedly believe that collectively, we are more innovative in our thinking, resulting in better products and solutions for our clients.

Accountability, proactive problem solving, integrity, and inclusiveness of our clients intersectionality are consistent attributes that we bring to all of our professional endeavours.

We are born and bred East Coasters who are genuinely thrilled to work with fellow entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and industries. We understand that starting and growing a business is challenging, and we take pride in supporting our clients in achieving their goals.